A guide for of X-linked CGD carrier females

The CGD Society has produced a short guide for X-linked CGD (XL-CGD) carrier females.

This guide is approved by the CGD Society Medical Advisory Panel and the CGD Society Clinical Nurse Specialist (May 2016).

You can download the guide by clicking on the image below. The guide can then either be saved to your computer or printed.

CGDS - Carrier Guide

Alternatively, you can read this guide online by clicking each of the different sections below:

Inheritance of CGD and being a carrier

Testing for being an XL-CGD carrier

Testing and informing daughters of their carrier status

Coping with the news of being an XL-CGD carrier

XL-CGD carrier health issues

Lupus and its link to XL-CGD carriers

What symptoms of lupus should I look out for?

Dealing with symptoms

Family planning

Research and XL-CGD carriers

If you have any feedback about the guide, please contact us.