Launch of an electronic handbook on chronic granulomatous disease

An e-book on the various aspects of chronic granulomatous disease (CGD) was launched on 1 January 2018. It has been written by a team of world-leading experts in the diagnosis, treatment and management of CGD.

Professor Dirk Roos, one of the editors of the book, said: 'This book is for anyone interested in the genetics, clinical symptoms or management of CGD patients. It has been produced as a comprehensive resource for medical professionals, as well as for families affected by CGD.'

This book is available online from the publishers or a pdf version can be downloaded here.

The first few chapters describe the biochemistry and genetics of CGD and ways to diagnose this condition. Professor Roos said: 'Patients with CGD not only have frequent infections with certain bacteria, yeasts and fungi, but also often display features of auto-immunity and inflammation, so we have devoted chapters to discussing the mechanisms that are involved, inflammatory signs and symptoms in patients with CGD and how to treat these complications.'

Other chapters cover the health problems and treatment options for X-linked carriers of CGD, as well as describing the various microorganisms that patients with CGD can suffer from and how these infections can be detected. 

'Recognising that CGD affects people all around the world, special focus is given to geographical areas of the world where endemic infections, such as tuberculosis, might occur, such as in China and other Asian countries', comments Professor Roos. 

The book also has a practical checklist for clinicians and up-to-date information on curative treatments, such as bone marrow transplantation, and the current status of gene therapy.

'For patients and carers, we have included information on quality of life issues, such as how CGD impacts on daily living experiences, and details of websites, where people can make contact with the wider CGD community.'

Any reader of this book, or parts thereof, is invited to contact the editors with suggestions for improvement in future editions.

Chronic Granulomatous Disease - Genetics, Biology and Clinical Management. Reinhard Seger, Dirk Roos, Brahm Segal and Taco Kuijpers, editors. First Edition, 2018. NOVA Publishers, New York, N.Y., USA.

Posted February 2018