Does CGD Society support research outside the UK?

Yes. CGDS has no geographical restrictions on where we fund. The criteria for funding are excellent science and relevance to and benefit for people with CGD. We consider research applications of high quality, to address important scientific or clinical questions relating to CGD.

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Has there been any research using the fruit mangosteen and its juice to treat symptoms of CGD?

Reports suggest that mangosteen is used in traditional medicine to treat skin infections and inflammation. But there are no published studies about the fruit being used to treat CGD symptoms. Information on how mangosteen relieves illness is quite poor.

There is no information about the side effects of mangosteen and how it interacts with other medications. It is important that you talk to your doctor about using mangosteen in case there are medical reasons why it’s not suitable to treat you, your child or family member affected by CGD.

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How do I take part in clinical research?

The aim of clinical research is to help improve healthcare, and people affected by CGD play an essential role. Volunteers can help by testing new treatments and making decisions about research studies.  Your doctor or consultant may approach you to take part in such research. They must give you specific information on the research, its risks and benefits. Clinicians and researchers MUST obtain your full and informed consent to take part in clinical research. You are free to withdraw from the trial at any time without prejudicing your future medical care.

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How does CGD Society decide which projects to fund?

Our strict research funding process ensures that every application is reviewed both by external experts and our Research Advisory Panel (hyperlink to panel) through a process known as peer review.  The Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) approves our methods and in 2011 the CGD Society received a certificate of best practice for its procedures.

This process ensures that:

  • only the highest quality research is funded
  • research is not duplicated elsewhere
  • researchers are qualified to do the research
  • researchers have the appropriate facilities available

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How much does CGD Society spend on research?

In 2010 - 2011 we spent over £75,000 on new research projects in addition to £292,221 of funding to on-going support of previous grants, to bring new gene therapy reagents to clinic, developing new cellular models of CGD and tackling inflammation and infection in CGD.

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What types of research does CGD Society fund?

We are committed to funding research that will make a difference to the lives of people affected by CGD. We fund research into the cause, inheritance, diagnosis, management and treatment of CGD. This includes developing

  • a long term cure exploring new therapies using stem cells and gene therapy
  • better ways of treating inflammation by a greater understanding of what happens at the cellular level
  • improved ways to treat infection in CGD
  • an understanding more about the defect in CGD

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