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Do children lose their baby teeth naturally or do they need to be pulled out?

There is no very good published data about the timing of loss of milk teeth in children with CGD.  There is obviously a natural variation in this among children, and some children with CGD may have some delay in losing their milk teeth.  In the experience of the Medical Advisory Panel this does not need any dental intervention but our Panel stresses the importance of dental hygiene and regular visits to the dentist for all children with CGD.

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Is it true that CGD can affect the way a child’s body grows so they may not be as tall as everyone else when they’re older?

Yes, but this depends on the individual. Some children with CGD grow more slowly than others but many are able to catch-up with their growth later on. However, if someone is very unwell with bowel problems for long periods of time or receives long courses of steroids, they might not reach average height. If they have a successful Bone Marrow Transplantation (BMT), children with CGD can catch up with their growth and get taller quickly.

You can seek specialist advice on this issue by being referred to a endocrinologist (a doctor who specialises in growth and the way hormones work). This should be discussed with your CGD consultant.

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What are the symptoms of CGD?

Frequent and recurring infections are a common feature of CGD. People affected may specifically have repeated bouts of pneumonia, abscesses (boils) of the skin, tissues and organs and lots of infections (caused by bacteria and fungus) that may respond to treatment but will return once treatment has stopped.

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What causes CGD?

A faulty gene causes CGD. The gene fault affects the ability of white blood cells to produce cellular bleach that fights off certain bacterial and fungal infections. People affected by CGD can be susceptible to serious illnesses, debilitating conditions and life-threatening complications from microbes that would not harm people with healthy immune systems. 

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